Reading – Translated books

A great way to improve your Dutch and expand your vocabulary is by reading translated books. That way you can read the book in Dutch and in your native language. You can either look for children’s books or for adult books that are available in both languages.

Here’s how to get the most from reading the same book in Dutch and in your native language:

  1. Read each chapter first in Dutch and then read the same chapter in your native language.
  2. Look for important new words in the Dutch version and compare with the version in your native language.
  3. Write down new words and phrases, but not too many. Focus on words and phrases that are signifiant to the story or are repeated regularly.
  4. Add important new words to your personal vocabulary.

Translated children’s books

A great number of well-known English children’s books have been translated into Dutch, for example books by Eric Carle, Roald Dahl and Beatrix Potter, as well as the Harry Potter-books.