Reading – How to choose

Reading children’s books is a great way to develop your Dutch language skills and learn new words. Here are five tips on how to find and select children’s books:

Tip 1: The public library – Openbare Bibliotheek in Dutch – has a large selection of children’s books. Simply buy a membership card and go to the children’s books section. The library also has e-books for children!

Tip 2: Several book stores have large sections with second hand children’s books, for example De Slegte and Scheltema. Most thrift shops – kringloopwinkel in Dutch – also have sections with children’s books. Alternatively you can order books online, for example from

Tip 3: Children’s books have a code indicating the level of difficulty of the book. Use this AVI book code when choosing a book. Library books have an ABC code which is similar to the AVI code. If your Dutch level is

  • Beginner: choose AVI Start to AVI E5, or library code A
  • Intermediate : choose AVI M6 to AVI Plus, or library code B
  • Pre-advanced or advanced: choose AVI Plus, or library code C

Tip 4: Read translated children’s books. Here’s how

Tip 5: If you are a pre-advanced learner you can also start reading simple books for adult readers. Here are some examples.