Reading – Pre-advanced learners (A1/A2)

If you are a more advanced learner of Dutch you might want to read relatively easy books for adult readers. The eight books listed below are written using short easy sentences.

Click the book title for more information and to download the first few pages. You can also go to the publisher’s website at and search for these and other titles.

1. Anne Frank: her life

Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl who became a Dutch icon from the Second World War because of the diary she wrote while living in hiding. This is a special version for learners of Dutch.


2. De familyblues by Yvonne Kroonenberg

Stories about families based on interviews that focus on the family dynamics.


3. Kinderjaren by Jona Oberski

A very young child tells what happens to him and his family during the Second World War.


4. About a boy by Nick Hornby translated by Frans van Duijn

Funny and moving story about a young boy and his single mother.


5. Blauw water by Simone van der Vlugt

Story about a mother and her five year old daughter who are kept hostage in their own house by an escaped criminal.


6. Niemand ziet mij by Marion Döbert

Story about a boy who despite being unable to read or write becomes a great artist.


7. De verzamelde werken van A.J. Fikry, boekhandelaar by Gabrielle Zevin

The life of bookseller A.J. Fikry changes completely when someone abandons a child in his shop.


8. Vals by Mel Wallis de Vries

Four young women spend a holiday together in a remote cottage. Then one of them disappears …