Listening – Where to go

If you’re looking for listening stuff, keep on reading. Listed below are a few sites you can try out to discover which ones fit your language skills and interests. For tips on how to listen read Listening – How to.

Short videos about a broad variety of topics for children of different ages. Use the filter options or search for videos about a specific topic.  With the ‘Thema’ option on the left you can filter by category.

Dutch news for children. Use the Search button to look for an item or watch the latest news update.

Watch short videos about topics from daily life and practice new words. Simply create a free account, choose your language level and get started.

Overview of online Dutch tv programs. Click ‘zoeken’ (search) and look for a program. Examples of popular programs:

  • Boer zoekt vrouw – series about farmers looking for a partner.
  • De rijdende rechter – series about a travelling judge who solves arguments between neighbors.
  • Masterchef – cooking competition series.

Universiteit van Nederland

Short lectures about a variety of topics for a broad audience by university lecturers; from dark matter to love in the animal world.