“I turned to Saskia with the intention of becoming fluent in Dutch, while I had minimal prior knowledge of the language. Saskia was an absolute pleasure to work with and learn from. She understood perfectly the need for flexibility in maintaining one’s motivation and always knew how and when to adjust the pace and content. The lessons were dynamic and filled with real-life and useful examples. Further, Saskia had encouraged me to immerse myself in the language on a daily basis and make everyday events into exercises, which we then discussed and practiced during the lessons.
I highly recommend Saskia.”
Oren Shabtay

“Super good Dutch teacher, also fluent in French and in English. Learning Dutch was a pleasant moment!”
Paul-Eduard Coadic

I have booked 10 Dutch lessons with Saskia Porcelijn and I am very happy and surprised with the progress I have made during this time. Saskia is an excellent and experienced teacher and has always been very well prepared for all my lessons. Can only recommend.
Tim Waldvogel

I highly recommend studying Dutch with Saskia! She is friendly, well organized and offers classes adapted to the skills you want to acquire. She is a great pedagogue and she also speaks English and French.
Laurence Boudreau

“Saskia is everything you would like from a Dutch teacher. Precise, organized, friendly and ready to organize targeted lessons for any student she has. Now I feel more comfortable in using Dutch in everyday life, thanks to useful and funny lessons. I would definitely say her name to anyone who asks me for Dutch lessons.”
Sebastiano Valle

“I have been working with Saskia since September 2018 and have made great progress learning Dutch. She plans thoughtful lessons that are relevant to your life. She is also kind and patient. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn Dutch.”
Ann Bolinger

“I’ve been studying Dutch with Saskia for a couple of months already. She is very educated, professional and really nice teacher with different approaches to make me understand such a different language. I would recommend her for sure if you are looking for an attentive teacher.”
Murillo Souza

“I highly recommend Taalles Porcelijn. Saskia is a knowledgeable professional. Her kind demeanor, warm personality and enthusiasm allow you to learn the Dutch language with ease. Saskia tailors the lessons to make them relevant to your life and interests. For me, the combined teaching of everyday practical information and text book knowledge has opened up the world around me! “
Kathy Sherman

“Toen ik hier kwam, sprak ik geen Nederlands. Binnen twee jaar heb ik cursussen bij de UvA gevolgd en het staatsexamen B II gehaald. Ik begreep dat de taal een belangrijke rol speelt om een cultuur te leren kennen. Volgens mij is de taal de sleutel tot integratie. Als je deze fase bereikt, voel je je thuis en op je gemak in Nederland. Maar daarna moet je nog verder. En dan heb je een docent nodig om de diepten van de taal te begrijpen, om grapjes te lachen en verdriet te begrijpen. Niet zomaar een docent maar een die je veel en bijzonder huiswerk geeft. Dat wil zeggen van alles: artikelen van kranten en boeken lezen, naar het nieuws luisteren, veel teksten schrijven, over gedichten praten … ijn hele leven is een huiswerk geworden. Dat is Saskia, en ik ben blij met haar! Als je snel Nederlands wilt leren dan is Saskia een goede hulp.”
Mihaela Ghit